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Inclusion and diversity

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I am currently working at a very large, very well known UK financial institution.

They are constantly - and I mean non stop - banging on about the subject. 

Recently one piece in the home page had a link to their senior structure chart. 

A real eye opener.

16 people. 1 was a bloke. Unless my gaydar is off he definitely ain't into burds.

About three quarters of the 15 women have pictures available. All white.

Not very diverse and inclusive - is it ? :Old:

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      What a bunch of tossers.
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      So - it occurred to me on a boring journey yesterday that actors and luvvies, who more than most are pro open borders, pro immigration, are even more hypocritical than I realised
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      i felt that this deserved a thread of its own for the sheer hypocrisy and brass neck. 
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