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Brexit negotiations explained....

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I thought it was going to be something simpler like just ignore all news items featuring the word Brexit. If we ever leave Europe or there's any kind of repeal of EU generated legislation I'm pretty sure I'II have a chimpanzee for a nephew. 

Even if we ostensibly leave there'll still be some shit like 'we'll have to adopt all this EU legislation for trade purposes' which will include, for some unexplained reason. landfill tax, recycling targets and endless other shite.


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11 hours ago, Green Devil said:

Piss off? More like where do I sign..

^ This.

We should put Frank Field in charge of negotiations.

12 hours ago, XswampyX said:


What about the club assets that we have paid for?


That's about EUR 150 billion and we "own" (have paid for) 10% of that!

Yes, no-one talks about our share of EU tangible assets. We need negotiators with cohones.. 

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