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The normalisation of female obesity

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Just looking on ebay looking for some manly ratchet straps for my car and there was a extra large ad at the top of the page for "Curve Fashion" with pictures of whales on it. If you click on the page (I am not the Benny Hill character from The Italian Job) you get this: http://www.ebay.co.uk/rpp/plus-size-clothing?_trksid=${b}


Of course, no pictures of fat blokes on that page as they're ugly losers and even the fat burds won't fuck them. But fat burds are apparently beautiful and are to be celebrated, despite the fact they're literally eating themselves to an early grave and will have trouble conceiving so not exactly good material as life partners. Also, it's women telling them they look beautiful not men, who would struggle to get their little soldier to stand to attention when faced with such "plenty".

It's getting tedious excusing and normalising extremely unhealthy and downright dangerous behaviour. (A bit like terrorist bombings of London - I'm looking at you Sadiq "son of a bus driver" Khan!).

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She thought it said Demand Butter

It's not like we're taking the piss of random overweight women in the street. Its the fact that she's trying to promote her gluttonous lack of self control as  positive lifestyle that is reeping

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I agree there is an agenda from some to make being fat normal. Females not males like you say! I have nothing against people being a stone or two overweight....been there myself. However being anymore than that is just gross and a lack of control/self respect.

My observations are that there are more obese females than males. In particular younger people stand out. They must think it's ok?

It isn't normal, and it certainly isn't attractive and it definetly is not healthy.

Let them delude themselves. They'll learn the hard way in life!


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Women can get away with carrying the extra stone or two.

Most put a bit of wieght on and it goes to the womanly bits - tits and arse. Combine that with some hefty support undergments and - Bingo! big boobs and shapely bootay.

Ive just been catching up with some Only Connects. Ive been totally distracted by Viccie Cohens boob cleavage in one episode.

Fat blokes just look shit. Comedy value is the best they can get get.

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Obese women will:

- spend more on food

- have poor impulse control so will spend more on crap they don't need to make them feel better about the fact that they are seriously ill of their own doing

- ironically seem to spend more on makeup, as if painting yourself like Coco the fucking Clown in any way offsets the fact that your as wide as you are tall

- make big money for Big Pharma - they die younger but they'll have at least a couple of decades of chronic diseases with the pill requirements to match

- less drain on the pension funds as they'll die earlier

....they're good for business you see. Big ££ to be made all round.

Edited by JoeDavola
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17 minutes ago, Chewing Grass said:

There is money to be made out of Fat Burds, lots of it, especially if you sell stuff exclusively to them.

Their chronic medical problems are somebody elses to deal with.

By the way the ones in the photo are classed or morbidly obese.

The insides of an obese person are pretty fucked.

Its likes a thin person having their organs smeared with about 10 stone of grease.

It really isnt good for you, esp. women.


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Her ladyship carried 3-4 extra stone for about 15 years after pupping the kids as a result she now has to manage her weight, which is extremely difficult, with diet and exercise.

Cycling and spin classes are her bag and for a burd in her fifties she can cover some ground.

Used to see a huge bird on a bike on strava last year called Siouxsie Dumptruck and she was powerful.

Edited by Chewing Grass
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31 minutes ago, WorkingPoor said:

There is a Dirty Dancing remake about to hit the big screens and the Burd in it is "shapley" with "curves" (overweight) 

Like the shite Ghostbusters remake with the feminist slant.

Poor guy's spine man vvvv


Blimey! I presume there's a helicopter overhead with that burd on an invisible wire!? Of course, the burd can be overweight but the blurk has to be buff so that he can actually lift her.

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Meant to put this photo in my OP as it's in the carousel on the ebay home page (at least for me as obviously cookies on my PC tell ebay I'm interested in extremely large underwear for camping purposes). Is there some weird Photoshopping going on here? - small head on warped, expanded body? These poor women are seriously ill, pysically and mentally. They need help, not celebrating. Although interesting that the ad is about self love - "love YOUR curves" and therefore narcissistic and self-indulgement. Very sad.


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13 minutes ago, Panther said:

Well for a start there's the luxury soap business opportunity...

Do you have to smear them with lots of luvely, wet, slippy, luxurious soap before exploring the the vast canyons of their curves?

Edited by Chewing Grass
fuckin comprehensive spelling & grammar
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