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Should we just wall off the M25 and refuse to let anyone out?

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5 minutes ago, Byron said:

Should we keep all the frivolous, irrelevant, lightweight wankers inside London, move the capital to Manchester and just let the irrelevanti curl up and fester?

Nooooo, keep the bastards down south, I like northern cities the way they are, run-down, in fact I think the north isn't run down enough anymore.

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2 hours ago, spygirl said:

I genuinely think house of parkiment should move to stoke. Its in the middle of country.

you can fk right off got to many foreighn fkers here has it is.im up for rebuilding hadrians wall and rediging offas dyke mind.

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44 minutes ago, Sgt Hartman said:

Wall off Westminster.

I generalise but certainly amongst 90% of my London friends at any rate, they all thought I was absolutely mental moving up North and that it was grim, backwards, uncultured etc.

Apart from the expected shitholes it's actually really, really nice. The irony of being told by a bloke, living in a 3k per month flat the size of my current bog, that I was making a terrible mistake wasn't lost on me.

my wages are shit nationaly,however around here im aparently not that badly off.i can clear 1800 every 28 days (13 paydays a year) and ive got a lodger thats another 200 every 4 weeks.i was allowing myself 1k a month to live off and 1k to spunk up the wall.ive got friends down south who earn 3 times what i do but havnt got a pot to piss in and are paying insane amounts of stopages.its fking nuts

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      Just seen this article which says that Wigan is the happiest place in Gtr Manchester.
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