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The Rise of the Russian Bear

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This thread will be used for all interesting or important developments in Russia and in Russian affairs - charting the remergence of Russia as a great sovereign power.


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'Magic Wand': Russia Buying Gold at Record Pace, Unlikely to Lose Momentum

Russia has been expanding its gold reserves at a record pace, according to information from the World Gold Council (WGC). Russian business newspaper Kommersant suggests this gold rush will give Russia guarantees against sanctions and economic and geopolitical risks.


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    • By The Masked Tulip
      Russia has issued a notice to airman (NOTAM) warning of an impending 'rocket test' off the eastern coast of Libya next week. From May 24th through the 27th.
      Apparently they have two land attack capable cruise missile capable warships in the area.
      Russia is backing a Libyan general in the east of the country who is at odds with the UN backed government in Tripoli.
      This looks to be something to do with the oil fields and ISIL controlling quite a few of them at the moment.
      Is Putin helping his man in Libya and/or looking to reduce ISIL cash flows?

    • By The Masked Tulip
      Reports that it crashed with a ship carrying livestock. Most, if not all, of the crew rescued.
      Well, this is interesting. Spy ship down in NATO waters... Well, in Turkish waters. Going to be a lot of people who want to have a look aboard that ship.
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