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Just watching a couple of deaf girls using sign language on newsnight.

It occurs to me - is it the same in every language. I.e. can an English person happily converse with a Spaniard in sign language?

I see no reason why not but I may well be wrong.

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13 minutes ago, sarahbell said:


I can do the alphabet. Much to the frustration of the deaf bloke I met at the shebeen in Moss side many many years ago. He wanted to chat not spell! 

Yes - I learnt the alphabet along with a mate so we could chat silently in class.

As mentioned earlier, this is a massive missed opportunity.

Imagine if sign language was universal - if every chief executive had their own signer, they would only need one no matter where in the world they were - you could have a room of ten senior figures, all speaking different languages, all immediately translated into one common tongue.

You could say that English already does this - but the advantage of signing is that it can be a simultaneous translation as you can talk with your hands whilst listening with your ears.

A deaf (but not dumb) person that could sign would be highly sought after.

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5 hours ago, montecristo said:

Hilarious watching the sign language girl trying to follow along with The Inbetweeners on Channel 4.  I now know the sign language for "muff" and "snatch".

Used to have a bloke doing it a couple of years ago. One was hilarious but I can't remember what it was. Possibly "and do you put the balls in?"


Seems to be a few on YouTube. 


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