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    • By The Masked Tulip
      A double decker bus mounted the pavement shortly after mid-day at West Croydon bus station.
      Hit a group of pedestrians and 'street furniture'. Not sure if the street furniture stopped the bus or not.
      Police investigating. Some serious injuries reported.
    • By Frank Hovis
      The stories of falls have been drip fed so it's the first time I've seen this number quoted.  It's also in nominal terms so as this is since 2014 you can probably add RPI of 9% to get >25% so down a quarter.  Publish that Daily Express!
      Q4 2017
      Annual growth 2017
      Since 2014 peak
      5 year growth to end   2017
      5 year forecasts
      Prime central London
      Prime South West London
      See below
      Outer prime London average
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