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2 minutes ago, Knock Out Johnny said:

Hello all

I want a change of direction and fancy having my own dive centre somewhere warm and sunny

Has anyone done it?

I used to snorkel for hours at a time as a kid and fancy having a go at scuba

Which is better PADI or BSAC for training/recognition


I always thought PADI was just a proof of competence accreditation  ? 

I know the commercial divers coerces oil/gas and the like cover you for training others

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PADI is internationally recognised, BSAC less so. PADI can be progressed through quite quickly, but without significant amounts of experience. BSAC is a more gradual process and will give you more experiences in more testing conditions. 

If you’r seriously considering setting up a commercial diving shop, go PADI for mass market appeal, but get a technical accreditation like TDI/IANTD to have a bit of credibility.

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BSAC is harder and takes longer and will be pointless in 99% of the world that is warm and sunny.

I find scuba is very much down to the individual - some take to it like a duck to water - others don't

Do your basic PADI and see how you get on before making any grand plans - it will take a while and a fair few quid to even get up to basic instructor level.

The other thing is be prepared for a battle - there is an established dive company in almost every decent part of the world, so you will either need to compete hard or buy one out - which may be the easiest option.

And don't expect to make any money - I have dived with quite a few companies across the globe and they are pretty much all skint.


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I did my open water diver qualification a few years back through PADI which I enjoyed, however I did overhear someone saying that PADI stood for Pay Another Dollar Immediately and, frankly, they're not wrong.

I got my open water and there I stayed, the cost of progressing was extortionate and that's not taking into account all of the gear and getting to and from diving areas of interest. It's a seriously expensive hobby.

I'm not sure what doing it for a living would be like but getting qualified will cost a bomb and then getting kitted out and insurances will make margins pretty thin. I'd also imagine PADI take a cut to use their name and qualifications.

It's do-able but it'd be a seriously expensive endeavour.

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I've done both bsac and padi. Bsac is much more challenging, did this first in cold UK waters. I converted a bsac to a padi advanced just with a few warm water dives and was far more competent than any of the other padi recruits just passed open water. The standard of diving you get in the big tourist centres is shocking! Get them down to get the 100bucks asap. One time my dive leader looked totally smashed. Was a great dive though. Prolly best of 

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