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Randox forensic testing

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Forensics 'data manipulation' may have affected 10,000 cases

Guardian link

This doesn't surprise me at all

The closure of the forensic science service (public labs) and outsourcing of forensics to the private sector always worried me.

My biggest worry concerns anything that involves molecular 'DNA' data as it is so easy to contaminate samples


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Randox were, always have been, infamous cowboys in the small world of UK laboratories. 

15+ years ago there was a site called Biofind that had a biotech rumour mill. Bearing in mind this was a global site covering the whole pharma and biotech industry, the fact that about 1/3rd of the stuff on the rumour mill was about them and their unbeleivably bad management spoke volumes. The only other company that came close to having so much shit spoken about them by employees and business partners was Pfizer. The general gist was the whole thing was just a ploy by the owners to syphon off loads of NI development money so they could spend it on their horses.

I went for an interview with them once, back then. It was one of those 'keep calm and get out the door as quickly and calmly as you can' jobs. Staff morale was like death row.

I was gob-smacked when I heard they had won those forensics contracts.. Talk about criminal lack of due dilligence  by whoever gave the contract.

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I've also heard bad things a few years back about working practices there.

It's one thing selling expensive blood tests to people who don't need them, it's another to be handed a forensics contract. In fact you'd think forensics was so important that there'd need to be a system in place to make it 'un-corruptable' where no one body had control.

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