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Chewing Grass

You Can't Choose Your Parents

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Was going to post this in the other thread after reading the parents name but decided a new one was more appropriate.

You can't choose your parents and by birth your cards can be marked sometimes fatally.


Now in my mind wilfull neglect means the poor child was locked outside by the parents deliberately, due to their names this may well be a cultural punishment.

A 56-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of wilfully ill-treating a child and a woman, 35, was arrested on suspicion of wilfully neglecting a child.

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This is a matter of a court case now so we really should not be discussing it specifically.

In general terms, you are right - our lives are very much governed by the luck or bad luck of our parents. The spiritual types say that we actually chose our parents before we are born. Something worth pondering on perhaps.

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    • By Chewing Grass
      Interesting little piece, which raises the question is London becoming too dangerous a place for its itinerant celebrities.
      The 21-year-old nephew of actress Elizabeth Hurley was stabbed multiple times in a “brutal attack” in Ascalon Street, Battersea, London.
      Liz Hurley tweeted “My 21-year-old nephew was repeatedly stabbed in a brutal attack in London on Thursday'
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      I love this, our glorious MPs have had a debate on abuse of MPs. Some good one liners from their goldfish bowl.
      'The Home Office minister Sarah Newton said Stewart’s experience was “simply unacceptable” and that standing for public office should be seen as a noble thing. '
      Now that depends on your starting point and whether you view it as a vocation or a get rich quick scheme like a certain Mr Blair.
      “It is essential for our democracy that people are able to stand for office and become a member of parliament without fearing they will experience abuse. It is equally essential MPs are able to represent their constituents without being abused or intimidated,”
      Fair enough but this again comes down to the MPs motives for being an MP and in the case of political parties their selection processes especially in safe seats which are often highly dubious.
      For the Labour and Conservative Parties I think they only have themselves to blame for dragging MPs reputations down with them.
      Expenses anyone, how about a nice job at a bank as a thankyou for years of unswerving duty.
      This was in the guardian of course.
    • By The Masked Tulip
      This trial has been going on in Cardiff and the accused has now been found guilty of abusing several girls over a multi-year period. I have not seen it reported in the national media.
      The below link contains the words of one of his victims, spoken by an actress, detailing some of the abuse that he did to her.
      Victim of paedophile imam describes impact of assaults in harrowing interview

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