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Turned Out Nice Again

How to get 5.6 million views on a YT video

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Even skipping to the end of that video, it's still awful. There's another video she had where she lists famous people and after each name there's a ping noise, slightly more interesting than her repeating "I'm Poppy". I can't believe the views she gets! Mindless nonsense!!

The other two video you posted above are creepy as could be, who is this stuff aimed at? Yeesh!

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Hard to tell if the target demographic is tweenagers or nonces.

It's a large number of views, for obvious twaddle but, not that impressive considering theres a record company publicity machine behind it. If she'd timed it right she could have got this many views from a video, done in her backyard, showing people how to change the brake pads on their car, without bothering with the record company.

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