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Sweden child migrant tests 'reveal many adults'

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I never expected this.

Turns out some of those haggard bearded grey haired child refugees going to Sweden were actually grown men.

If only there was some way of telling just by looking with your eyes



A Swedish investigation into migrants claiming asylum as children suggests that three-quarters of those tested were over the age of 18.

Sweden's national forensic medicine agency checked the age of nearly 8,000 people and found that some 6,600 were 18 or over.

The checks were only carried out in cases where there were doubts as to the person's age.

Child migrants are less likely to be sent back to their country of origin.

Between mid-March and late October, the agency (Rättsmedicinalverket) carried out a total of 7,858 age assessments.

Of those, examinations suggested 6,628 were 18 or older (84%), and 112 "possibly" 18 or older , The Local newspaper reports.

The Migration Agency has so far made 5,700 decisions on the basis of those assessments. In 79% of those cases, the agency decided to formally consider the applicant as older than they had initially claimed in their asylum application, reports Svenska Dagbladet.

Age assessment is carried out by taking X-rays of wisdom teeth and MRI scans of knee joints, which are then analysed to determine age.

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That article says that many countries have no structures for recording dates of birth so it's not surprising that people don't know their exact age. If that's the case you'd expect there to be an even split between under and over estimating of age - funny it's all under estimating by the looks of it. So what are they doing with these fraudsters? Cessation of chocolate rations?

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Sweden is completely and utterly fucked. Wasn't there a report on breitbart about the swedish government trying to prevent the public from looking up information (that is publicly available now, but want to restrict it to 'journalists' (which can be redefined later), police, lawyers) on the ethnic origin/stated ethnicity of criminals.

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8 minutes ago, WorkingPoor said:

Knee x-rays! yes a good way to tell age.

When i had a broken leg i was pouring over the x-rays with the consultant and he noted my ankle had some signs of wear & tear consistent with my age (40)  

BBB but it bweaches thier human rights

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