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Inoperational Bumblebee

Revolut card adding cryptos this Thursday

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As title, Revolut currency card is adding bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin as currencies on Thursday. No link as on phone. They already have a userbase of a million users, and IME, it works seamlessly everywhere.

It's often mentioned that bitcoin needs an extra payment layer like Lightning Network. Could this be an interim solution?

I'm not sure about storing my cryptos on the card, but it may provide an easy way to take profits or to spend them day to day if I want. This may be an easy way to exchange crypto for physical gold...

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1 hour ago, dgul said:

That's amazing timing on their part...

Ain't it just!

If anyone is interested in signing up, could you use my link please?


[EDIT] In the interests of transparency, I need three people to sign up to be allowed to use the crypto function now. Premium users get it straight away and I don't use it enough to subscribe... TIA if you do.

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9 hours ago, Inoperational Bumblebee said:

Turns out you can't actually fund the card with crypto. What a load of shit.

I wonder if there's ever any crypto on the card at all, especially with their timescales and costs -- it looks like a derivative exposure to me.

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