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Oh, the ZIRP years, finsec go-go are really over


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20 hours ago, spygirl said:

It is funny but a reminder for me about my working environment.

I worked for directors some of whom were geniuses, some less competent and all workaholics. The shouty bully types were always the less competent ones….

One in particular was awful, hated by anyone who worked for him and admired (from afar) by those who didn’t because his directness almost seemed funny to an observer. He got by as a task manager but only because his management team were good. I told him my job wasn’t a leader anymore but a manager….managing and motivating the team to undo the damage he caused. I ranted at him many times….tbf he didn’t mind but he didn’t change. 

I tried to leave during a restructure when you have to apply for your job. 7 of my peers were already off with stress and these were competent experienced generals themselves who all had earned their places over decades but just couldn’t work for this guy.

I applied for ‘astronaut’ on my form and was called into the big boss expecting a rollocking and my redundancy package. He was there with my boss and I politely ranted at them both and told him that the director in question was not competent, panicked, demotivated everyone and I didn’t blame the guy but I blamed the senior board for supporting him….that was the reason I was leaving.

I told them that my boss felt he was he was inspiring us to follow his lead….but said he was more like an officer in the First World War and if he turned his back he was likely to get a bayonet in his neck from one of the privates. Interesting meeting….wasn’t even confrontational. 

Genuinely (and unfortunately for me because I wanted that fat redundancy package) a few days later I was given a better job and the guy in question left….and a small reduced package. Later transpired the big boss felt exactly as I did but no one had actually laid it out to him. Maybe I should have realised something was afoot. 

I told the big boss my position would never change because they (the business) had supported this awful guy previously. However, I worked tirelessly for 6 more years in a great role, was well rewarded and performed the best I ever had. Literally kept being regraded and given pay awards that I just shoved into the pension. 

But it was all business, they had lost me. I left shortly after my 50th (no package) much to the objection of the directors but in the end on really good terms. 

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