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The evil one is supposedly backing LVT

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1 hour ago, swissy_fit said:

This has to be a trick, surely. Or he's made so much money from property already.....


Heard the interview with him on Sunday. This is the most palatable part of what he's proposing - maybe it's been thrown in a sop. He also wants a second Brexit referendum because he believes in democracy.

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He had his chance and chose not to do this. I find it hard to believe this is some kind of revelation for the Oxford educated, former Trotskyite, man of faith.

As Blair is a true psychopath it is completely and utterly impossible to know whether he is lying or not. Hence why he was such a "successful" politician. 

Best to assume he is always lying and completely ignore everything he says. If he comes anywhere near you, personally, politically or socially, turn around and run as fast as you can in directly the opposite direction until he is nowhere near you.

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Just now, the gardener said:

This guy is surely more hated than Thatcher ever was?

I'll be gleefully dancing on his grave when he descends into the hell that awaits him.

Thatcher had things to answer for, it's difficult to be a leader without having some, but Blair is in another league. The biggies for me  :-

The Iraq war and all the surrounding stuff like Kelly.

Together with Brown the partial destruction of the UK's culture and total distortion of it's economy, most of the damage is still ongoing and yet to be revealed as no-one has reversed the changes.


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Isn't he against populism and he must calculate LVT will never happen under the current regimes.

We're expected to believe anything he says now xD xD  It's on a par with no house price boom and bust - he (and Brown) was half right about the bust part of course along with the help of the tories and LibDems.

Of his various promises you have to guess which one of the above two he would renege on - I don't think you need more than one guess.

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