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M S E Refugee

Long Johns or Thermal Tights

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Depends on what you are doing.

Long johns are very good but as they are mainly made from cotton you can find that they do not wick well, get hot & sweaty and then get moist and cold. I like the cotton feel of long johns but if you are active - i.e. working - then you get the above problems.

It depends what you mean by tights? I cycle a lot and bought a cheap pair of polaris tights last December which are super warm and wind resistant. Cost me £15. Back in October I bought a pair of Wiggle DHB so-called thermal winter tights and they are just crap - no warmth, no wind resistance, legs literally shaking from the cold and simply unwearable. Not fit for purpose and I paid £48 for the priviledge of having them in my wardrobe.

Or by tights do you mean something like Helly Hansen merino base layers which are very good?

Either way you seem to be about 2 weeks too late as, in this time, both Aldi and Lidl have sold very good and very cheap long johns, base layers and tights. Stuff was so good that people would queue up in the morning to get it when it went on sale. But you never know, you might find some in an Aldi if you have one near.

Trespass online have been selling merino base layers fairly cheaply recently and there is often a code online for an extra fiver off or free delivery. The Helly Hansen stuff is ridiculous RRP but if you have a Helly Hansen outlet near you then the price can be 50% off. Polaris, as I said, do a good tight which can be worn over a base layer or long john if you need the extra layers.

Wicking is the thing you want if you are working as you don't want sweat and clamy followed by cold and clamy.


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On 08/12/2017 at 07:24, ccc said:

I've used m and s 100 denier merinos for running in very cold weather for years now. Perfect. Light. Breathable.

What, as in, like, underwear for burds?!

(Good work if so, can imagine much better value than branded merino running base layers)

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I've got some polycotton brushed thermal long johns I bought from a market stall years ago for about £3 a pair. They are absolutely great for most things and keep me really warm, especially when in the house writing at my desk. 

For exercise when out I have a pair of compression legging things (about £12 I think) which have a fast wicking action. The problem with long johns is if you get wet in rain or snowy they will cling to you and never dry out, but a pair of wicking leggings although not so warm will dry out far quicker. 

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