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New topic test

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OK, its a bug. I think.

If you create a post topic but forget to fill something in - for instance, the "tags", and on submission the next thing you see is the "I am not a robot" page, when you tick that you get thrown back to the "New topic" page with the error - missing tags - highlighted.

If you then put something in that box and click Submit, the topic title and the tags boxes empty themselves (post remains) and the page simply redraws itself. It then goes around in an endless cycle.

It's as if the page fails to repost one of the hidden form values and it then becomes terribly upset.

I think. Since it's never happened before my suspicion falls on something related to the interaction with the CAPCHA page. The answer is to not forget to fill in the tags box.

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I don't really know why Cloudflare is so sensitive on this site when I am using it without issue on my other sites. It is set to the Low settings, I don't really want to turn it off though. I'll ask them to see what is going on.


For now I have turned off the requirement to add tags until it's fixed/resolved.

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It makes me wonder if one of this site's form object IDs is the same as one of the Cloudfare ones, and so one of the form values gets double-posted back and upsets it e.g. a value of 1 becomes 1,1 in the repost. Something odd like that. Which would arguably be a Cloudfare bug. It only happens when you forget to fill something in and only once, so hardly a big deal. Thanks for looking at it though :)

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