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A series of hangouts where Millennial Woes invites prominent YouTubers on to discuss and debate whatever they fancy. 

He has done these around Christmas time each year for 2/3 years I think, there are loads of good one coming up this year though, starting with Sargon of Akkad tonight!

They will be uploaded to his YouTube channel but are available on there live anyway, and I think you can rewind it if you don't catch the start.

Full list here :




Sunday 10th

7pmSargon of Akkad

9pmCoach Red Pill

11pmBre Faucheux


Monday 11th

1amFour King Radio

7pmMark Collett

9pmCritical Condition

11pmEli Mosley


Tuesday 12th

1amBigghair Media

7pmBaked Alaska

9pmLegio Christi

11pmLauren Rose


Wednesday 13th

1amNo White Guilt

7pmThe Great Order

9pmLeornende Eald Englisc

11pmBrittany Pettibone


Thursday 14th

1amBraving Ruin

7pmSurvive the Jive

9pmThat Guy T

11pmThomas Baden-Riess


Friday 15th


7pmThe Golden One

9pmCaolan Robertson

11pmAndy Nowicki


Saturday 16th

1amFaith Goldy


Sunday 17th

7pmUK Column

9pmParse the Noise

11pmTree of Logic


Monday 18th

1amMouthy Buddha

7pmJames Allsup

9pmBlack Pigeon Speaks

11pmErik the Heathen


Tuesday 19th

1amLovely Porridge

7pmAlt-Right FB

9pmAydin Paladin

11pmRad Russ


Wednesday 20th

1amJean-François Gariepy


Thursday 21st

7pmOn the Offensive

9pmCosmic Claire

11pmWestward Thought


Friday 22nd

1amDaniel Casmir

7pmSuperversive Press

9pmJared Taylor

11pmAnnika O'Brien


Saturday 23rd

1amNationalist Wrath

7pmMr Wright's English


11pmZen Constitutional


Sunday 24th

1amBased Southern Belle

7pmMimetic Animal

9pmRed Ice

11pmImmortal Ideas


Monday 25th1amMike Isaacson


Tuesday 26th


Wednesday 27th



11pmMonokulttuuri FM


Thursday 28th

1amDissent Report


9pmReconquista Germanica




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