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The XYY Man

Songs/Tunes That Lift Your Spirits Up No Matter What

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You've arrived home after losing your job.

Your lass/lad has left you - and taken all the furniture.

The repo-man is towing-away your motor, and the dog has just shat on your favourite chair.

At this point, you go and find as much medication and alcohol as you can possibly can, and settle down to top yourself.

And then suddenly a song, or piece of music, pops-up on the TV or radio - and pretty soon, you're grinning like a wanking Jap and laughing your tits off at life.

The tune that no matter how down you are, will sweep through your brain and clear-out all the bad.

I have a couple - but the most potent (and admittedly cheesy) one is linked-to below.

I hear the opening notes, immediately crank the volume up, and within ten seconds, I am dancing round the room and singing along like some fucking bible-bashing, tank-top wearing happy-clappy retard..!

So what are yours fellow DOSBODders...? The ones that raise you up no matter how down you may be...?

Go on, tell me all about them...

Here's my favourite...




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1 hour ago, The XYY Man said:

Eight hours in - and apart from Lurky's wrist-slasher - there are no other contributions.

I can see that this thread will be hard fucking work...! ;)

Never mind - here's my next "bad-mood buster"...




 i know what you mean xD  the only thing i can put it down to is i had not long split up with the daughter mother and was seeing a real soul mate and a right horny girl  from New Zeland when that song was released if it was not for my daughter i would be typing this from the other side of the world ...other than t i need Valium

Here`s another strange one for me 


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