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What is the secret to living to 107 ?

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"It's not true that you have to live healthy to grow old. I have eaten and drank what I have wanted throughout my life. I was a big smoker until I was in the 40's, and still I have to have a glass of wine every day. It thins out the blood. But I can not drink enough, "said George Melford Nygaard.



- How is it to be Norway's oldest man?
"I have not thought so much about it. I know that someone who was older than me died a few days ago, I have been told. But I do not want to think so much about this record. That's no good thought, says George Melford Nygaard.

Who wants to be top of the list?


George Melford Nygaard does not like what's happening in the political arena in his old country today.

"Donald Trump is not a good man for the United States, he believes.

"The voters bought his slogan to make America America again." So far, there is nothing to suggest that it will happen, says George, who has been a democrat forever.

- All farmers I came from were Republicans. I was the only democrat, and thus a black sheep, remembers George.

Fuck off George you senile old bastard! xD


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6 minutes ago, sleepwello'nights said:

Reminds me of the story where someone was asked if a diet of muesli would make you live longer. The reply was you won't live any longer it'll just feel like it.


Nah, it is stopping drinking and smoking that makes it feel longer. :)

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Reminds me of the apocryphal DJ anecdote:

"And next is a special request from Jamie for his Mum Alice who is one hundred and eleven! Happy Birthday Alice! Hope you spend it in bed with your family around you!.... oh wait...  This is a special request from Jamie for his Mum Alice who is ill."

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