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    • By Frank Hovis
      Here are the charts for 15/16, 16/17 and 17/18 forecast and I think we're seeing here what we're picking up upon generally:
      VAT - people buying things - goes up steadily: 133, 138, 143 - increasing population buying increasing amounts of tat NI - people having jobs no matter how low paid - goes up steadily - 115, 126, 130 - increasing population albeit in monkey jobs Income Tax - people earning over £12k a year - is actually projected to fall - 170, 182, 175 - increasing population but less tax = less good jobs So more people buying things, more people in work, but the wages over £12k pa are actually reducing.
      For the second time today I will say it: Atlas Shrugged.


    • By Mirror Mirror
      Italy mulls tax breaks to lure retirees to its Southern regions. This piqued my interest, not sure why.
      At least Five Star have realised that African migrants areen’t the problem to the depopulation problems.
      My other thought was, I wonder who else might have moved into your chosen region recently.
    • By One percent
      Former Conservative leader Lord Hague has called for a "decisive change" in the law on cannabis - suggesting that the Tories should consider legalising recreational use of the drug.
      Writing in the Daily Telegraph, he said "any war" has been "irreversibly lost". 
      Lord Hague goes further than senior Tories who have suggested a law change after a boy with epilepsy was given a special licence to use cannabis oil.
      The government is creating an expert panel to look into individual cases.
      Now call me a cynic but if they legalise it, their mates can make money producing it and government by taxing it. 
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