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WTF! And theories

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There was a similar case in Cornwall about fifteen years ago.  Local businessman driving near Crantock in fog suddenly found his headlights illuminating a naked child of similar age.  Took to police station.

Their parents were on the nearby holiday caravan site and the kid had just pushed the caravan door and wandered out; not knowing where they were.

Looking at the map there is "Overstone Park Hotel, Golf and Lesiure Resort" within half a mile so my guess is the family is staying there and the kid has wandered off.

Google maps:


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5 hours ago, spygirl said:

Not necessarily. I've known some perfectly normal 2-3 year olds that barely talk. One of our friends was worried about her boy not talking (other than single syllables) at the age of 2 years 9 months. Our girl was chatting away at about 18 months. She thought there was something wrong with him. There wasn't. He started talking around 3 years and has proved to be quite intelligent.



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