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Bus Stop Boxer

Pavement mounting vehicle of peace in San Fran.

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2 minutes ago, Horrified Onlooker said:

And we know it’s RoPers?

 I will be the first to hold them to account, but I won’t assume that they are responsible for every RTA in the Western world, yet.

Nope. Its one a day somewhere in the world. Unless the reporters are picking up on every RTA now.

So I dont even give a fuck if im wrong.

It'll be right by the end of the week.

When the media grow a pair, and stop bullshitting us, i'll take more care over my views.


I actually heard on Sky News review of the year yesterday morning, that a white van drove in to a crowd IN a mosque in Finsbury Park.

The mosque was a quarter of a mile away. And its not even established yet in court. But Skunk News had it in their review of the year.


They can fuck off. Peddling bullshit. So maybe i fancy a crack at that too. 

This is not a pop at you.

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Just now, wherebee said:

Is that a van of peace (tm)?


They say it is an accident.

Being reported that it ran a red light, hit 2 elderly people crossing the road, smacked into one parked car and then into a second parked car containing a family. One of the elderly people is critical with life threatening injuries.


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