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trans madness

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11 hours ago, spygirl said:

Hes gay.

He stood for Labour in Brighton.

Well, as he appears to be a nastier, thicker cunt than my hero, David 'Geneous' Lammy, I shall honour him by attempting to emulate his writing style until it bores me.

@The XYY Man will be overjoyed to know that this will apparently involve referring to people as 'cunts'. I find this odd. For surely this is cultural appropriation of the worst kind? Unless it's a mould-breaking attempt to smash the tyranny of cis-gendered stereotypes; by subtly pointing out that some gay men indeed have cunts, just as some of our transgendered lesbian sisters possess cocks.

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8 hours ago, ninjaborrower said:

Not having a womb or ovaries means he isnt, even if he chopped his cock and balls off, i thought being a woman you would know this?

So women who have had a full hysterectomy are not women now in your book.

Please report for stoning at 7:00pm

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