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Long time lurking

Is Farage planing a come back

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    • By deathfunk
      So Boris Johnson has won a crushing landslide victory against the communist multi-millionaire, Jeremy Corbyn. The path is clear for him to enact the Brexit of his choosing. The question is just how hard does Johnson want his Brexit to be?
    • By Libspero
      So Musk has just announced that he is going to build a new battery factory in Berlin and cites Brexit as the reason for not locating in the UK.
      My guess is it’s probably more likely because he fell out with an English guy who he called a paedo,  but presuming it really is Brexit,  he mentions the parts wouldn’t count as European built. Does the EU ban the import of cars not X% made in the EU?
      Who knows more about this?
    • By mikeyranson
      First off, many thanks for the ad on Dosbods. I came across this forum as a donation by the admin was made, to our crowd funder to help support the foot soldiers who have been out 24 hours at westminster guarding and monitoring our only reconsied british flags and banners on college green.  I'll keep this as short as possible.
      I'm the leading organiser of the above where we have attempted to take total control and were quite succesfull of the fenceline at college green so that the worlds media and audience can see that the people still wish to see brexit, as for three years now, the world has only seen the blue rags that have been displayed as the backdrop of the world's broadcasting media.  On top of that, the continous calling out from one annoying twat in a blue top hat that we are unable to stop unfortuently, but an attempt was made a few weeks ago where his loud hailer was taken and damaged, which was put out of action for a few days.
      We first put up the display on Saturday Oct 12th before the queens speech. A number of hurdles and headaches were thrown at us by the police but we continued and fulfilled our plans. Everything has been up everday and everynight until Friday just gone 1st Nov.
      We have been crowd funding to enable us to purchase more flags and banners which have made an obvious observation for many when they watch the news.  Seeing also a massive drop of the bue rags on display. To make our plans work, we had to man the display for 24 hours, 7 days a week. In doing so, we have been successful in conquering 85% of the fenceline. In the last week, we have lost some ground due to the remaoners damaging our kit and equipment to enable them to erect their poles. The police have been very biased and one sided where our complaints just fall on deaf ears. To take it any further, even though we have witnessed and caught the those causing the damage, it is not in the public interest to take it any further.
      To do the above, we have had a few volunteers who are able to stay out during the day and night and even for a few hours when they can to give others a break. We set up a second crowdfunder to raise funds that will cover volunteers expenses who come from all over the UK to help us maintain our front. The crowd funder financed travelling expenses, accommodation (hostels), food and drink as well as delivered hot food by means of Just Eat. Only covering welfare purposes. We have had a couple of volunteers from Leeds, Sheffield and Nottingham plus a couple of us in and around London.
      We are all taking a week off to catch up on all our personal things we have all let go due to our actions and hard work at westminster. From the week after, we will be meeting up and making plans to see what and where we go next. We still intend to continue our campaign but as we have nowhere near the support as the remoaners have, maybe because we all work and they dont, but they have plenty of volunteers for day and evenings as well as a massive input of financial funding. In the three years they have been active, i believe they have raised a good few hundred thousand pounds. To maintain our displays, we have to keep erected 24 hours hence the nighshift. So far, we have raised nothing to that amount. At best, i would guess around £4000 max. We started our crowd funding in mid September. Where ever we go, we cannot make definate plans due to the our politics changing from day to day.
      For the near future, we are are looking for:
      More funding that will be used only for welfare, travelling, accommodation and food/drink. Link here - https://www.gofundme.com/f/back-the-brexit-footsoldiers
      & Volunteers who are able to stay in london, costs covered by the funding.
      We are hoping that brexit is delivered by 31st January. I have been personaly involved at westminster for some 14 months now. On average, there are around 30 to 50 individual pro brexit protesters at westminster each day who attend different days when they can. We are always outnumbered but of late, we have had to make more of an effort.
      Please help and donate to help us for the next three months. We are not renting a big fancy house in westminster at £8000 per month as the remoaners are, our guys are staying in hostels. We are continuing the funding to ensure we can cover everything for next year hopefully before the end of January. When all expenditure is completed and the campaign has ended, all remaining funds will be donated to the charity Veterens lifeline recommended by Dean Cumberpatch of the veterans marches.
      Dan the Brexit map man is also part of our group. He also works during the day and also stays out overnight. He leaves westminster each morning to go to work then returns to westminster each evening after work. He is very well known for the large Brexit Now banner that pops up everywhere. His youtube channel is here -
      Some of our videos are put together by Buska of Busk patriot news - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHITInntA6Nywhe8Uk3_yfA
      Please share the donation link and help us to deliver brexit. We have people who can volunteer but all need to have expenses covered.
      Mike Ranson

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