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Bus Stop Boxer

Spinal Tap Appreciation Thread

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38 minutes ago, dgul said:

Funnily enough I was only listening to Stonehenge last night.  The one with the leprechauns.


"and where are they now? the little people of stone 'enge, and what would they say, if we were here tonight"


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50 minutes ago, Alonso Quijano said:

Of course, the first rock mockumentary was The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash (1978) cf 1984 for Spinal Tap


Loved The Rutles, even managed to get George Harrison involved, who then went on to fund The Life of Brian.


Watched this a gazillion times too. Both absolute belters. I hum more Rutles tunes than Beatles tunes.

"I must be in Love" and "Cheese and Onions" being the stand outs.

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1 minute ago, Alonso Quijano said:

I met Neil Innes who did a gig locally. Very talented man.

Bought Archeology, The Rutles take on The Beatles Anthology series, some crackers on that too. Very clever stuff!

I have heard tracks off that. Is Knicker Elastic Man on it? Might have been on an EP.

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