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The XYY Man

The make us laugh or fuck off thread

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An American dad kills a deer and he and the wife serve it up for dinner. They decide it is best not to tell the kids outright what they are eating 

“it’s what your mum calls me”

the little girl screams “don’t eat it, it’s assholes!” 

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So this guy goes to the doctor.  "Doc I have sex problems with my wife."

"Exactly what sort of problem have you got?"

"Well, we are both busy people and when I want sex she is always doing something else and when she wants sex I am always doing something else.  We just don't seem to be able to connect."

"That is very easy to solve.  You must be the alpha male and the next time you want sex just take her there and then and just do it and ignore any protests.  She will love it, believe me." 

"OK Doc I will do that."

After a few weeks the man meets up with the doctor again and the doctor asks, "So how is the sex life going?  Did you do as I said?"

"Well yes I did what you said and it was both very good and very bad."

"Oh dear, so what happened?"

"Well she was reaching up to a high shelf and she looked so sexy and so super good and right there and then I wanted sex so I did like you said and had sex with her no matter what she said and just like you said she loved it and we had great sex.  The best sex ever for both of us."

"Wonderful! so why was that very good and very bad at the same time?"

"We got banned from Wall-Mart."



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On ‎28‎/‎04‎/‎2018 at 22:41, Long time lurking said:


That is hilarious. When I feel cynical about other people - things like that are so - how shall I put it - heart-warming.

That someone has spent that much time setting up that sort of prank.

Here's another example. Give it time.


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