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Will no one think of the bears - US Alaskan earthquake

The Masked Tulip

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3 minutes ago, Sgt Hartman said:

"Water receding from our harbour...citizens should remain in place"

You can fuck right off.



This guy has - live stream from the shore. Some guy has pointed his camera at the blackness and is watching the water. Occasionally he sticks a star-sight in front of his camera.

(Bugger - the link will not post.)

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21 minutes ago, The Masked Tulip said:


What do you want? A brass band? :) I think that video was taken within 5 or 10 minutes of the sirens going off so looks pretty effective all things considered.


Looks like stuck in traffic. If practical, I think I'd be scrabbling up the nearest hill in my goosedown jacket, if there was a hill nearby. Looks like that road is by the water and there are hills



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According to the So-Called BBC radio this afternoon they were trying to justify the alert and everyone having to dash for high ground by saying that although the tsunami hadn't materialised someone on a boat at sea had noticed (what they had apparently calculated) a 32 foot swell after the quake.   I expect it must be possible to calculate that as precisely at sea.

I don't think that's all that unusual and it would normally end up on a beach with just a few waves.

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