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Just now, Fossildog said:

Search the headline in google then view the cached version and it circumvents the ad blocker

Cheers, though I'd rather just avoid the site altogether if they have that crap going on.

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A family whose 12-year-old son was murdered on his way home from school in Yorkshire feel “extremely let down” by the Parole Board after his killer was released from prison, a Labour MP has said.

. . . .

Steven Mullins was killed as he walked home from school in Ms Sherriff’s Dewsbury constituency in West Yorkshire in 1982. His killer, Richard Mortimer, was jailed for his murder but was released last month.

During Justice questions in the Commons, Ms Sherriff said: “Steven Mullins was 12 years old when he was abducted, sexually assaulted and brutally murdered on his way home from school. “His killer was released last month, and although the family submitted a victim impact statement, they feel extremely let down both by the Parole Board and the Victim Liaison Service who have lost their letters, ignored their letters and then just left so many of their questions unanswered.


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Fucking outrageous that a someone who commits that level of crime is allowed to ever see the light of day IMO.

There are some crimes that are so outrageous as to be unforgiveable. To do that to a kid is one of them. He should be banged up for life and thrown into a skip once he's served it.

Edited by Sgt Hartman

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