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Fitness tracker reveals US military bases

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The unfortunate consequence of forgetting to deny location information to apps.

Thing is, my phone has location turned off for every app - I think - with one exception, Google Maps. However..

We went to our local pub last week and we'd only just got through the door when a notification popped up about the pub, naming it. Not sure what it was about, I deleted it.

Clearly my phone doesn't have a database of every single place in the world stored in it, so my location was transmitted and looked up.

On 4G, not Wi-Fi, so it wasn't getting the location from the IP address.

Checked again.

The "Google" app on the phone doesn't have permission to do anything at all, all denied.

Google Maps has access to location, and the app was open in the background. Phones aren't like desktop PCs where you tend to shut things behind you when you've finished with them.

Wondering if that's it. Have now denied Maps access to my location, will turn it on if need be so it can work out where I am if I want to use it.

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Problem in the UK is all sorts of people work at bases and facilities other than Government personel and most of them are paid very little for the privilidge.

Everything as been subcontracted to 'the cheapest' or most convenient supplier.

Folk wander in and out with all sorts of devices that are effectively tracking them.

Even Pokemon Go has been fingered as a CIA backed app.

If it is that secret they need to start in-housing rather than out-sourcing and significantly increasing what they spend to staff these places securely.

Perhaps they should even stop recruiting people who use any form of social anything.

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It also looks like people are poking about on the Richard Montgomery.

That could end with a bang.


....of much more concern is the revelation that people have been poking around the wreck of the SS Richard Montgomery, a Second World War cargo ship that was carrying thousands of tonnes of explosive munitions from America to the UK. The ship grounded in the Thames Estuary, in England, in August 1944, barely two miles north of Sheerness.

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