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Attacking the luvvies where it hurts

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1 hour ago, wherebee said:

So - it occurred to me on a boring journey yesterday that actors and luvvies, who more than most are pro open borders, pro immigration, are even more hypocritical than I realised


No downwards pressure on wages for them.  It's basically a closed shop, protecting them from a mass of cheaper workers.


Can we not have a campaign to enable anyone to be in any film, show, or TV show without the discriminatory WALL of an equity card being needed?  Media, over to you....

Yeah loads of pretty people in Eastern Europe, that's criteria 1 filled. Special language workshops to enable them to luvvify their accents and job done, excellent plan. I'm sure I could find loads of gorgeous Polish girls willing to do the jobs for minimum wage at least to start with.

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12 hours ago, wherebee said:

No downwards pressure on wages for them.  It's basically a closed shop, protecting them from a mass of cheaper workers.

It's an excellent point. Not defending the luvvies but I suspect the bulk of them don't realise themselves that they're quite nicely isolated from the shit they're wishing on everyone else, so pointing it out to them seems like a bloody good idea. Once they can't pretend not to have realised then I'll be willing to call them out as hypocrites.

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