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Finally something Manchester can be proud of

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A police chief not afraid to speak up for common sense in the face of his control freaking mentalist counterpart in West Mercia:



CI Butt, who is in charge of GMP's Roads Policing, Travel Safe and Mounted Units, tweeted: "This won't happen in Greater Manchester whilst I lead on Roads Policing. I don't think we should prosecute for being 1mph over the speed limit‚ÄĚ



 chairman of the Greater Manchester Police Federation, criticised the speech, saying it is "alienating those communities we are there to serve".

"I find it absolutely staggering that the effective policy lead for policing should show himself to be so out of touch," he added.


At least they get it. 

Now if the councils could just grow a spine and stop letting local pressure groups/nimbys set unnecessarily low speed limits too I think we might start to have a system people can respect again..


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I would like them to get tough on those who use the road network as a racetrack.  Two very nasty outcomes of this behaviour was the Birmingham one where the cab was wiped out and the London one where three kids were killed.  

Yet we get this rubbish about a mile an hour over the speed limit.  Has mot tptb seen how these idiots drive?  I have, first hand. 

Im surprised that a lot more innocents are not killed. 

All part and parcel I suppose. 

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