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Discussing court cases [poll]

Court cases!  

39 members have voted

  1. 1. Discussing current court cases should...

    • Take place only in the Stealth (hidden) forum
    • Not be permitted at all until the case is over.
    • I don't know and just want to vote for something!

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I noticed this was being discussed a few days ago. A lot of websites like even the Daily Mail do not allow comments on an ongoing court case. Please select which you feel is best. I don't think it's a good idea to continue to allow discussing them openly, and most DOSBODers will not be familiar with Contempt of Court rules. Although this website is not hosted in the UK, most of the users are. O.o

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41 minutes ago, onlyme said:

Would it be such a great loss, in the big scheme of things don't think it would, most stuff pretty much covered by the time the court case starts anyway.

It’s covered in the way that the MSM and their handlers decide how it is covered. 

I like being able to come on here, pick the bones out of it and discuss the biased stories presented to us as news. 

Stealth forum would make sense though. 

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10 hours ago, Frank Hovis said:

I voted against; and a stealth forum is only as stealthy as its most disenchanted member.

Why risk doing the one thing that is likely to generate the receipt of legal threats?

Aye, I've grudgingly got to agree with Frank on this one. Probably the wisest approach.

Mind, if it's super-injunctions taken out against the newspapers by celebrities 'cos they've been caught with their pants down - then I reserve the right to use lyrics from their songs, or lines from their books/films in order to subtly "out" them to those in the know.

And I expect @blobloblob to come up with even better and more subtle ones than me...!

I Guess That's Why Call It The News...




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1 hour ago, WorkingPoor said:

There is no option to "keep on discussing it"? 

What is contempt if people are discussing information provided by the UK national broadcaster the So-Called BBC or other prominent media outlets? 

Yes, because I don't think anyone thinks its a good idea to do that... ! It would be nice to say, let's discuss anything and everything, but practically speaking there is a reason why even sites like Mail Online do not allow comments on stories involving UK court cases...

And their legal/lawsuit budget is probably a few £m a year... Trumps' wife sued them for about $25m recently I think.

It wouldn't be contempt of court in your example, but this is the problem, very few people understand it.

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