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The Masked Tulip

Aircraft disappears off radar after taking off from Domodedovo airport, Moscow

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8 minutes ago, The Masked Tulip said:

Witnesses report seeing the aircraft on fire as it headed down - so either some engine fire or some explosion?

Chechen separatists have form for this sort of stuff.

Whatever happened, if it isn't in Russia's interest then we won't be hearing about it.

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10 hours ago, Goat said:

That often happens if the pilots lose control, as the aircraft heads towards the ground it exceeds its maximum safe speed and the aerodynamic forces tear it apart.

My guess would be some kind of issue with the rudder/tail.

Looking at the rate it descended on the graphs etc. I don't think it went down quick enough to tear itself apart. Only an 8 year old plane too so relatively new.

I suspect bomby people but it's early days.

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20 minutes ago, Goat said:

Unlikely to be a bomb IMO, not within a few minutes of take-off and the aircraft only got to about 6,000".  Also a small regional jet flying to nowhere important is not a particular obvious target.

Age of the aircraft is not that important and it won't help you if you exceed the maximum speed, and going off the charts it looks like it went down very quickly.

Fair enough. 

Collision perhaps at that sort of height?

Probably never hear the outcome, Russia is never particularly forthcoming about this sort of thing. Especially if it's a Russian built aircraft.


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