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homeless solution

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Well, speaking as someone who got dragged into volunteering with the homeless, my suggestions are:

1) Provide 6 months accommodation/postal address on the day. Work on having some form of photo Id - driving would be good, but some sort of biometric Id.

Anyone who presents themselves as homeless are housed - provided theyve not used the service in the last 5 years.

2) Enforce a strict no drink drugs policy. 3 strike and out policy.

3) Accommodation is provided on the condition the work seeks employment or gainful activity within 1 month of accommodation.

4) Vagrancy/begging will see the above terminate.


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5 minutes ago, sarahbell said:

Would it be wrong to have it for UK people only? 


Any non UK citien found homeless will be marched to the airport, biometrically Id and put on the next flight.

Depending on which city you are in, that will get rid of 40-50% of the homeless.


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Can we also deport anyone playing the accordion in public? We've had two of the fuckers turn up here in the last week. They're pretending to be homeless but their uncovered duvets are suspiciously clean. (And yes, they do look Roma).

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