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Heathrow is bonkers compared with the 'average' airport.  I'm surprised there aren't considerably more accidents there.

[similarly other massive hub airports around the world]

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7 minutes ago, Dipsy said:

Looks like a vehicle crash and an airport worker killed.

Naw, I've seen that Bond movie when he blows someone up in a truck at the airport. Reckon it's that

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2 minutes ago, Sgt Hartman said:

Bunghole of an airport. Terminal 5 aside, it's in my top two airports I actively dread using.*

*Manchester on a friday currently holds pole position.

I never fly in or out of Heathrow now unless it is T5.  It's gone full on third world in the past 5 years.

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I’ve got to fly to the States from there tomorrow.

And yes I’m another frequent flyer who avoids Heathrow like it was an Ebola hotspot. Which is always a possibility...

 Shittest airport I can think of, anywhere, offhand, and a total PITA to get to. Yes, T5 isn’t so bad, once you get there, but that’s BA only who now seem to be winning their race with Ryanair for the title of Europe’s Shittiest Airline.

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