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Got wood?

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    • By SpectrumFX
      When planned obsolescence isn't going quickly enough for your profit margins, you can always give it a nudge to help it along.

      What a bunch of grasping cunts.
      By the company's own admission, it's been throttling the performance of iPhones since last year.
      Apple hasn't explained why it didn't disclose the practice until now, after GeekBench released charts based on its data that showed how older iPhones were not performing as quickly as they had when they launched.
    • By SpectrumFX
      I bought some Google shares a little while back, which have done very well.
      It seems only weeks ago that I was looking at Tesla at 250 USD, and I was going to buy some next time i had some money to invest, and now they're at 312 USD!
      Are we heading for another tech bubble, or is this the place to be as we approach the technological singularity?
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