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Chewing Grass

Teaching & thinking then and now

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The new youtube restricted censorship mode (at the far bottom of youtube) got me thinking about thinking. When I was in O-Level classes at bog-standard North of England labour heartland comp in the 1970s lessons were quite often suspended in that discussions would quite often break out in Geography, History and even Science & Maths on current affairs and other topics.

These teachers were all die hard left wingers with the History teacher verging on a commi and the Geography teacher especially at A-level particularly keen on playing Canasta with her six pupils. What has struck me now and deeply affected me over the years is that they all encouraged open debate and analysis about subjects often to the detriment of their lessons and pupils grades. The current left wingers absolutely hate debate and to me this means they are not socialists at all, if they were cold logic and reasoning would be an important way of getting a valid point or position over.

Instead we have the rabid shouting down approach, which at the time in the 1980s was the Trotskyist Derek Hatton militant approach.

Now we have corporations via their advertising money directly suppressing debate by attempting to stop debate and analysis happening in the first place.


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15 minutes ago, One percent said:

It's almost as if it was planned.

I've not gone full on David Icke yet but I'm close to being convinced that it is planned.

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Just now, NTB said:

I've not gone full on David Icke yet but I'm close to being convinced that it is planned.

I think you need to go there and right now. :S  remember when universities were all hotbeds of Marxism?  Well now, it is a word that dare not be muttered. It is all about clients ' (students to us of the old school) and getting as high as possible in whatever league table is that day's one to be in.  Winston would feel right at home.

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I've actually taken the time to watch several hours of Icke material and if you leave to one side the Lizard stuff, the central theme of a hidden hand control system is difficult to refute.

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