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The Masked Tulip

Twitter sinister censorship - #twitterlockout

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I have not looked into it in detail but overnight Twitter appears to have done something to over 1,000 Twitter accounts - all people who consider themselves conservative or right of centre.

Well known twitter folks and ordinary twitter folks are complaining that they were locked out of their accounts. Many people complaining that on getting back in that they have lost thousands and even tens of thousands of followers.


This is very sinister.

I can't help but wonder whether there is now some group policy account or similar up in Twitter HQ where anyone who posts anything that Twitter does not agree with has their account added to? Hence, at a mere click, it would be easy to not just shut them all out of Twitter en masse but to actually shut down all conservative thoughts, speech, etc, - and a major ability for such folk to communicate with each other - in some kind of emergency situation. I am going to use the word coup here.

Considering that you can go on social media and see the most horrific islamic videos and posts - stuff about how to FGM, how to beat your wife, how you are allowed to rape non-muslim women if you have a 'sexual emergency' and your wives are not close at hand, etc, but that those who question and challenge such things are censored I find the apparent policies of the likes of twitter, youtube, etc, to be more and more alarming with each that passes.

Don't forget, twitter employees were videoed talking openly about #shadowbanning, and who they targeted for #shadowbanning, recently. You can only imagine what else is going on that we don't know about?

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9 minutes ago, Frank Hovis said:

This surely creates space for an alternative.  Let Twitter sideline itself into a Guardian reader chat room.

I would boycott it had I ever joined.

Too many organisations now think that putting something on Twitter means that everyone will know about it.

My sons' school for one. It wasn't until I finally got an account (which I still don't know how to check and can't really use) that I discovered how much info I had been missing out on.

Pisses me off.

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5 minutes ago, Cunning Plan said:

Too many organisations now think that putting something on Twitter means that everyone will know about it.

My sons' school for one. It wasn't until I finally got an account (which I still don't know how to check and can't really use) that I discovered how much info I had been missing out on.

Pisses me off.

The people who think Twitter is broadcasting to the world are brought up short when they actually crash up against real people.

I was in a Board meeting a year or two ago and before it started in the small talk period the woman from governance asked the Chair how the garden party was.  There was a polite enquiry from the rest of the room as to what garden party this was.  It turned out that it was at Buck House to collect an award; and had been pre and post publicised on the company's twitter account.  The room as one said that they weren't on twitter; so the announcements and pictures had probably only been read by the Chair and the comms department that put them up there.

Just because something is new doesn't mean it's of worth.  And if anyone wants to buy an Amstrad phone that does emails then contact Sid James.

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Twitter's share price has done remarkably well since the summer - supposedly on incresing user base.

I find it odd that this has happened - obviously the Wall Street boys only cre about the headline numbers - if Twitter is censoring or removing a large portion of its users. Where is the increase coming from? Just loads more fake bot accounts? Or is the increase in users from Yemen or Upper Bongo Land filling the gap of users being deleted in places like Europe and the US?

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24 minutes ago, Long time lurking said:

Well apparently twatter is trying to purge Russian bots and it`s this that has lead to the locking of these accounts 


Just now, Long time lurking said:

Twats i have lost a seventh of my followers  i only have six now 


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    • By Dave Bloke
      I can't tell you much about the incident, there is a news blackout, the French police have blocked virtually all information - forums, chat, images, videos. Videos? Yes four young men, of African origin decided to gang rape a 19 year old outside a Toulouse Discotheque. It is apparently pretty common and if a complaint is made (the victim was possibly drugged with Rohypnol, or drunk?) it gets the usual Gallic shrug from "Le Plod". According to local papers there is an epidemic of rape, and gang rape in Toulouse of both adults and under aged girls. Crimes are frequently committed at the end of the week. Of course the press and police are very cagey about the identity of the aggressors - well unless it is Mr Dupont, the catholic priest or Mr Gonthier the local car mechanic - then you get the full details of their lives. A case in point is a gang rape that occurred in October 2017, we learn that one of the aggressors was a security guard for the Carcassonne town hall ([probably another town to put on your "no visit" list) and it is only from round about sources we discover he is a M. Zouhair with 9 convictions against him for sexual assault. Wow, and the town hall took him on as a guard?
      So what of this latest incident? This time some spectators thought it was a good idea to film it and post the video online. So Le Plod has had to take action - to take down the video and images of the rapists.
    • By The Masked Tulip
      This story was quietly released over the Bank holiday weekend and has got next to no mainstream UK Press coverage - mainly because it goes against the apparent agenda and highlights what naive, gullible fools lots of UK media folk are.
      I think this is pretty major.
      It is basically Facebook admitting, by closing down some 600 plus pages, groups and accounts, that a foreign power, in this case Iran, has been using social media to influence opininion on several matters key to the unity and security of the UK - namely BREXIT, Scottish Independence and with positive media for one Jeremy Corbyn. Israel, and UK opinion of Israel, is also mentioned but you have to wonder whether this also includes the big rise of anti-semitism on UK social media.
      Not a dicky bird from the UK mainstream media about this. If it had been, for example, pro-Trump stuff then you can imagine the hysteria.
      But this is OUR country and this suggests that a foreign power, Iran, was interfering in our internal politics.
      So why no mainstream coverage?
      Why aren't the likes of the So-Called BBC, Sky News, etc, screaming hell about this? Why aren't our politicians? Are any of them even aware that this happened?
      Well, our mainstream media seems to focus on breaking up the UK as a good thing. It is also, IMPO, increasingly pro muslim and anti-Israel/Jewish people. No need to say anything about BREXIT. Then there is Corbyn.
      Does this Facebook story simply highlight something much bigger going on in the UK with how public opinion is shaped and presented? I suspect it does.
      Look at the almost hourly row in the US about possible Russian use of social media to influence the last US election. Then consider how this story about the UK got pushed out on a wet bank holiday weekend, was given virtually no coverage and then was buried.
      Facebook Shuts Down Iran-Linked Pages Attacking Brexit and Israel, Backing Corbyn and Scottish Separatists
      This is a huge story. It should have had massive coverage. You have to ask yourselves why not.
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