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The Masked Tulip

Interbank Lending falls way lower than 2008/09

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49 minutes ago, Caravan Monster said:

. All that borrowed money and assets not worth any where near what was paid against the value of wages from actual productive work, what could possibly go wrong among the general population?

last or 2nd to last house I viewed in Northampton the agent basically said as cash buyers, dont bother.

The said agents were over valuing by £100K+ and looks from London/BTLers/foreigners were paying whatever they asked.  He said it wont last, they'd seen it all before.

That was 2015ish...since then things have got MUCH worse, must be over valuing £150K+  but thankfully people seemed to have stopped buying now.

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On 25/02/2018 at 22:19, Chewing Grass said:

I believe M&S Bank are offering car loans via money-supermarket at 2.6%.

Now that tells you how cheap money is, what could possible go wrong.....


Log book loans were advertised on telly recently.

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On 3/12/2018 at 14:02, TheCountOfNowhere said:

Thanks Spunko2010, i think most in the know have seen the london bubble peaking around 2015 and slow but surely seeing the slow realization from people that we have a BIG problem.


This sort of anecdote is always good to hear.


But those are just -35% drops in asking price which probably constituent 300% rises in selling prices.


That's the madness of the london pwopatee (mega) bubble.

Sorry Count, but no it isn't.

It's the madness of ever more gullible Cockney bastards willing to borrow money to pay fuckwit prices for a pile of bricks.

You dozy fuckers need to give your collective heads a Louise Woodward style shake...



Edited by The XYY Man

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