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Browser notifications


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Very low priority..

I resisted moving to MS Edge as it's a dreadful browser and intend moving back to IE11 when I get time to migrate everything back again.

With Windows 10 Anniversary Edition, Edge became capable of pushing notifications which then show up in the bar on the right hand side of the desktop and pop up in a little window in the bottom right.

However that's riddled with bugs and every so often a notification will lock the entire OS up for about 30 seconds. I guess something is waiting to time out.

So although that feature would be useful, because of this bug I've had to disable all notifications in the OS until MS fix it, if ever.

Most sites seem to honour this. The HPC one will pop up a new reply box at the bottom of a thread you're reading but that's all.

This site displays this on every page:

"https://www.dosbods.co.uk wants to send you notifications, but first you need to go to Settings and turn on notifications"

.. which means "change the Windows 10 Privacy settings and re-enable the functionality"

It's only irritating, doesn't affect the use of the site. Further, that this can't be enabled because it is buggy is a Windows 10 fault. And the Edge browser is crap. And only the Edge browser lacks the ability to disable this.

Yet, no other site is so pushy as to pop this box up on every page. Has this got something to do with how the settings I've specified are configured?



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I think it was broken in Windows 10 Anniversary Edition. There's a huge thread about it over on the Microsoft community site and the "solution" is to simply disable the notifications altogether for everything.

Actually, it may work properly now, but I can't be bothered to try it.

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I have the same issue on my Windows 10 PC @DTMark running on Firefox. But I have the same issue on HPC and other forums using the Invision power software. I can file a bug report if you want, but I've just turned off all Notifications if I'm using Win10 as a workaround.

Oh, ignore that, just seen your above reply. Will wait for Microsoft to fix it unless there is another solution. I'll keep digging.

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It's not a browser issue. It's a bug in the notifications bar, so any app that pushes them can trigger it.

I had to disable it altogether as I can be Ftp'ing files up to a site which "breaks" while they're uploaded until they're all in place (ASP.NET is precompiled, so it works that way) and at, say, the third file, Filezilla will send a push notification and the entire PC will lock up for 30 seconds leaving the live website broken.

Do the next six files - locks up again. And so on.

Must admit I've never coded these myself or I'd know why, just seems odd that this site won't stop pushing the message about turning it back on again in Edge. I'll just ignore it. Going back to IE11 anyway when I get time.

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