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Bus Stop Boxer


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5 minutes ago, shindigger said:

They'd already been in the back door and looted, then it looks like somebody came back with the cavalry...

I honestly thought this had been shopped, but no, it appears 100% genuine.


Aldi really is very competitive.

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10 minutes ago, Alonso Quijano said:

Saw this on the Twitter (Dublin), wonder who is responsible... Paddy or Mo?

Low life never fails to surprise.

We can't be that many years from total anarchy and meltdown now.

Some of the footage on twitter shows enriched looters.

Edited by OurDayWillCome
Not enriched with new tings but just enriched!

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8 hours ago, dgul said:

Aldi really is very competitive.

Unlike the ad inage, a lot of oirish arnt folk music playingg happy drinkers.

Theres posh, mainly u2 band members, middle class, working class, and absolute scum more so than the uk.

They live in very specific areas.

Pikeys are a sub branch of this scum class.

Theres also politisied violent scum, who literally disappear people then complain of political policing despite being hard drug dealers. That Dale oneeyed cunt who grenaded those two lady coppers was one.

Then theres most criminal hard drug scum.

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