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One percent

shitting On the little guy. Literally

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A man “sickened” by the sight of mounds of human waste outside his house is calling on the council to take immediate action.

Ron Devine of Springfield Road in Walthamstow said being greeted by excrement smeared across walls and pavements on his walk to work every morning makes him “feel ill”.

The 65-year-old’s back garden opens onto Markhouse Passage which in recent years has been turned into an open-air lavatory, causing neighbours to become concerned for their health.  

It’s especially bad in the summer when we are sitting out in the back garden and there are flies coming around. My wife puts out the washing and there are flies landing on it which may have been on the human waste before.

“I called the council on Friday to clean it up and I came out of my house this morning and it’s still there – four lots of it!”


it is complete. London is officially a shithole. 

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Just now, spygirl said:


Or Indian dossers?

There are masses, literally masses of people living rough all round the borough. A mate of mine is a ranger for Epping forest. Always coming across rough sleepers in there. 

Under the flyovers of the north circular.

ill have a search and post links 

Here we go,

One example 


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