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It's the thought what counts...

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My record is a meagre TWO. Both with images of Bob Carolgees saying in bubblespeak "Happy Birthday". Both with no money inside either. 


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    • By Great Guy
      My great hobby in life is writing emails to organisations and celebrities to piss them off. I wrote one to Krankie, I basically said "immigration is fucking crap. All those East Europeans are holding down wages. Sort it you daft bint". 
      I got a response below...

    • By spunko
      Welcome, friend, to the DOSBODS Forum!
      This forum was created to enable and encourage people to talk openly, without threat of censorship from an omnipresent advertising agency that doesn't agree with the content. There are no ads on this website and it's free. I will only ban spammers, although I have ramped up the CAPTCHA settings so hopefully there won't be too many spambots posting here.
      If you have any questions please post them here.
    • By Great Guy
      I occasionally find LinkedIn useful to contact people. However I really struggle using the website... I've spent literally twenty minutes trying to email my cousin with no luck.
      Is it just me or is the LinkedIn website really hard to use?
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