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The Masked Tulip

Gunman holding 3 hostages in veteran's home, Napa County, California

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A man, dressed in black and wearing body armor, was reportedly armed with an automatic weapon. Three people were initially reported taken hostage, but by 11:40 a.m. the number was reported as two.

The sheriff's office reported that multiple shots had been fired at officers, but there were no reports of any casualties. 

Residents and employees at the Vets Home were reported sheltering in place while law enforcement surrounded the building containing the suspect.

David Ferguson, a resident of the Vets Home, called the incident "crazy," asking, "What's a gunman doing here? It's a bunch of old farts. Most of the people around here are in their 80s and 90s and have a walker, wheelchair or a scooter."






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Reported that gunman may be a veteran who is undergoing an on-site PTSD programme. Is dressed in black and wearing body armour.

Allegedly was told to leave the facility earrlier this week.

If true then he could be seriously unstable or a poor soul pushed to the point of desperation.

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