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Pension chaos

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Where is the basic sense check?

At a previous company (not at Capita, though I was there for many years and as far as I am aware provided a good service to all my customers) I was involved with similar direct mailings and as well as doing a sense check on what out to be going out - percentage change on the previous year looking for any outliers - two of us would each visit the printer who was producing and distributing them and spend the afternoon spot checking them.

Any kind of basic check or even just a cursory glance would have picked those errors up; it's about either having respect for your customers or not having such respect.

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What else would anyone expect from a company like Crapita? These fuckers have been sucking at the public teat for decades with no comeback for their utter ongoing incompetence just so long as they can cook the books enough for the government to claim they're a few percent cheaper than the alternatives. Cunts the lot of 'em.

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