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definitely-not-gay Putin and weapons

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It is an incredibly theoretical balance of power though.

The US and Russia have been able to wipe each other off the planet for the past 50 years; the only wars are proxy wars where missile strikes are of only limited effect.

The satellite weapons that the US is rumoured to have are similar.  They can eliminate a major city at the press of a button.  Well they could do that anyway.

I always think that we only retain Trident because we feel we ought to; as Suez proved we won't be able to use them unless the US agrees with it and if the US agrees with it then they'll use their own.

I'm not CND Ban the Bomb but putting vast resources into making these particular weapons of mass destruction even more destructive seems fairly pointless.

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It is known as kinetic bombardment and was trialled on a small scale on the Vietnamese.

There is talk of telegraph pole szied ttungsten rods being dropped from orbit onto a target to plasmarise it.


This has a lot of history so I imagine it is real tech.

Leaves little if any detectable evidence of its use, so who knows what it has been tested on.

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Just tried to work out the energy involed in a 2kg lump travelling at mach 10 (3400m/s) decelerating in a small distance as it hits a solid target and it is a big number in Joules/Watts.



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