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How to Play Guitar Videos


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We should have a thread picking out the how to play guitar videos on YouTube that are actually worth watching. Either because it's the actual proper original artist showing you how to do it, or a guy who's totally nailed it (as opposed to a 3 chord chancer, or some dolly bird click bait)

To start, here's Brian May. He seems subdued (i think hungover), but still nails it:



And here's Steve Miller playing The Joker by himself. It's not a tutorial such, but you can see everything he's doing.


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5 hours ago, Rave said:

Wow, May's explanation of how his delay effects work at around 9 minutes is well worth watching, I thought he just had 8 fingers or something! :P

Yes, these videos were great when they first came out for finding out direct from the actual artists just how they do it.

All the young lads don't know they're born with all the stuff available so freely on the internet these days (though sadly they're probably all wanking themselves silly looking at porn when they should be practicing the guitar instead!)

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