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Carl Fimble

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The forum wot King Spunko of Dosbodia did make us was a good one and has now a full year under it's belt.

Thank you Spunko, and all who have written over the year. We're at a bit of a turning point right now (Count Dankula), but we can fight now to keep our freedom of speech, and use words written an spoken to save ourselves and the world.




Hail Spunko!

Hail Victory!

Hail Our People!



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Hooray for us!

One surprising aspect is that as well as enjoying the discussion this is now the first place to which I come for any breaking news story as the facts will always be reported here first. 

The time lag in the MSM shows more clearly than anything else that they regard the spin that they put upon the news as being more important than their actual reporting of the news.

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Yep - the place to go each morning and then where i spend a good part of the day browsing. So thank you Spunko!

As a result, I hardly ever go to ToS now. (So no idea what is going on there anymore.)

On here we have fun, deep discussions, learn lots and and get the latest (relevant) news from whomever spotted it first. I don't post much i admit, but I am a very faithful follower!  Feels like a weird family on here! How many (survivors) are we? (Like Noah and the flood.)

Odd that I can't find a list of all members like on ToS. (Can only see who is currently online.) Is there a way? Or did you decide that was a not necessary feature Spunko? (To protect the innocent perhaps?!)  Are we are closed community now?

I think I have seen new posters sometimes - so do we grow by word of mouth? We'd probably be an odd looking lot in a room at an annual meeting! But that all adds to the appeal for me as I learn things from you guys and this helps me to form my own opinions which always seemed at odds with those around me before I found you and the various youtube posters who challenge the MSM and offer a more in depth/alternative debate re current events as compared to the So-Called BBC et al.  

So :Beer: to Spunko! (And the rest of you!)


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11 minutes ago, One percent said:

Happy birthday!!!!!



and a a special thank you to @spunko2010 for making it possible. :) :Beer:

Yeah Cheers Spunky.  What I like about this place is that everybody is self deprecating, nobody name drops or brags.  It is the perfect antidote to Faceache.

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1 minute ago, Ina said:

Yeah Cheers Spunky.  What I like about this place is that everybody is self deprecating, nobody name drops or brags.  It is the perfect antidote to Faceache.

xD Apart from everyone claiming to have an IQ of 150 or more.

It is a brilliant place to discuss all sorts. Thank you Spunko!

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Happy anniversary to us all.

A very grateful thank you to @spunko2010 :Beer:

Like many of us I look on here for a more in depth view of breaking news stories. I often feel a little guilty that I never have the knowledge or insights that others have into what's going on. Happy to learn from more distinguished, intelligent and insightful posters. Many thanks to you all.

(Is this a bit too obsequeious smarmy?)

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