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Carl Fimble

A-Z of....

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2 minutes ago, Carl Fimble said:

Shit, I can't think of one for E.....


Fucking thing is broken already! 

Sorry, I didn't think this through enough...


Possibly the biggest insult you could hurl at someone

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4 minutes ago, sarahbell said:

F is for fucking allotmenters.
G is for giant tools 
H is for half-brained idiots on allotments
I is for idiots on allotments
J is for jifuckingnormous twats on allotments.

I see you stopped just before

K is for killing

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4 hours ago, SNACR said:

P is for Puddle of mong jizz.

Usage: ‘Oh, you useless puddle of mong jizz’

An invaluable term for motivating junior staff etc.

Isn't there a double negative effect there? By saying "useless mong jizz" you are implying that "mong jizz" is normally useful... which of course it is not.

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    • By Libspero
      The Grenadier..
      For anyone not familiar,  it is the soon to be British built replacement for the Land Rover.
      Interesting to note they are looking at Diesel, hybrid and all electric drive trains,  so sounds like they will be pitching it hard at the military for their new electric ambitions.
      No pictures of the vehicle yet,  just an artists impression of how the site at Bridgend will look:

      Recent article here:  https://www.motoring.com.au/more-details-shed-on-ineos-grenadier-4x4-120694/
      And here: https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/ineos-bridgend-factory-talks-very-advanced-minister-claims
      It would be nice to see a proper British car again (Ok, with a german/Merc partner) ..  on a road near you from 2021..
      Just thought I'd create a thread to plot its progress, release, success or collapse..
    • By Frank Hovis
      The story in the link below is a little short on detail but it's been expanded upon on the radio.
      This applies from 2022, rather than some kick down the road 2040 date as for EVs, so it looks like it's going to happen.
      The limiter is also going to be an "intelligent" limiter which will work on the speed limit of your road. You know those dot matrix signs on motorways where they leave up the 50mph limit for hours after any accident so you ignore them if the road is obviously clear: ignoring is no longer an option.
      I'm not a great speeder myself but have a powerful car which lets me get past slow moving vehicles which usually involves speeding for the overtake and that won't be possible.
      I know it's the EU but you can guarantee the UK will bring it in as well.
      Anyone else see there being a huge premium on current, unlimited, fast cars in the future?
    • By Libspero
      Only kidding..
      They're going to lock up middle class drug users instead  
      Would expect nothing more from Cressida "justice doesn't require proof" Dick..
      Legalise and tax personal drug use ?
      Naa..   far better to lock up the rich kids and let the rest of them stab each other to death.    For their own good you understand.
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